For any kid, dressing up can be quite stressful, especially when you think that you have the wrong set of clothes. What we wear reflects how we think, what we feel. So, if you feel like being wild or staying simple, then just follow what's in your heart. Trends can be not followed if you don't want to. Who are we to stop you? With regards to fashion, we dare ask you a question.

Have you seen those gals and guys who wear black clothing along with studded belts and other accessories? Curious over who they are trying to be? If you don't know yet, it's the latest trend that's been breaking some fashion rules and parent's house rules. Do you want to become part of this crowd but confused where to start? Should you style your clothes or cut your hair? If you want to dress up like an emo kid, we're here to back you up a hundred percent.

If we're changing your style we need to start with something that will be staying for a little longer. Let's cut your crowning glory and style it the emo way! Noticed that most emo kids have black hair? It's actually a choice for you whether you want to dye or leave it black. Most emo kids nowadays welcome other hair color for their style. Anyway, the most popular emo hairstyle is the side-swept bangs where your bangs is pushed to the other side of your face. In most cases, the bangs is over one eye. This style fits both guys and girls. For girls, if you want to let your hair down, it's okay. You may also have your hair short or pulled up if it's long and style it in a simple bun or other styles.

If you went gaga with emo because of its gloomy black clothing, then you may jump up and down as we give you the tips for the clothing. Here we began changing some lively things inside your closet. Tight jeans and black shirt are the norms. You may bring out your favourite shirts with logos on them – they re useable. If the sun's rays are bothering your eyes or there's a light rain, you might want to wear a jacket. Jacket and hoods are very much emo. You see, with emo, it's only normal to become a little shady and cover your face. Also, if you have a rock band t-shirt, don't forget to use it. Remember that emo fashion started as to support the emo music and bands that have popularized over the years. So, if you have a musical instrument shirt, we're giving you a thumbs up. If you girls want to wear dresses, it's way okay to wear one. You might also wanna try wearing fishnets, stockings or leggings underneath. That's also "in".

If you have emo friends, we also advise you to talk to them. Don't be shy about asking since they will surely welcome you to their club. It serves well to have friends whom you can talk to whenever you feel like soliciting fashion advice. And if you are a rookie, you need to receive more advice from those who have been wearing it since forever.

Now, the accessories. Studded belts are usually worn along with the jeans. Even if you are wearing a skirt you are still welcome to wear one. If you noticed, most emo girls are not wearing shoulder and hand bags, so just to be safe, take out your durable, friendly mailbag and get along with the crowd. You might want to hang your emo dolls and other accessories, it's really okay. You don't need to limit yourself about accessories. You can also wear sunglasses if you want to. Most emos usually chooses the black glasses to cover their eyes. If you want to choose your reliable chuck or sneakers, they are also welcome. The shoes are not much of an issue. As long as you are comfortable in wearing them and they make your feet feel like home even after walking a long way, then keep those shoes on.

Before you get out of the house, you might want to put on some make-up. For the information of everyone who has been wondering why emo guys are wearing make-up, in this fashion, make-up is not restricted only to girls. Guys are welcome to put on make-up if they want to, and if they won't, better. Lol! Anyway, the key material is the eyeliner. Hold that black eyeliner in your hand, and gently draw a line to highlight your eyes. If you don't want black, its fine by us. If you want to use kohl pencils (the eyeliners commonly used by Koreans), we don't want to hold you back.

Just keep this thought in mind: becoming emo does not mean hating life, okay?